See 6.11 on the chart

Approach depth: 7’
Depth in anchorage: see chart
Coordinates: 27° 31' 4"N, 82° 38' 5"W

Desoto Point

East of marker 12 on the Manatee River, Desoto Point offers good protection from westerly and southerly winds as well as a nature walk and museum. Go 1/10 of a mile east past marker 12, begin easing east southeast, then south to circumvent a shoal in the middle of the anchorage. In westerly or northerly winds, it is safer and more comfortable to anchor directly across the river by Emerson Point When leaving Emerson Point, head straight south to the channel and follow the markers into Tampa Bay. The anchorages are 11.8 statutory miles from Longboat Pass. Using the intercoastal will take anywhere from four to five hours. Outside will be a couple of hours longer. Both anchorages are subject to wakes, so anchor accordingly.

Desoto Point


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