The PHRF Racing Fleet is comprised of those boats which have a Rating assigned by West Florida PHRF (WFPHRF) - or which could have such a rating.  Boats without a PHRF certificate will be assigned an approximate rating.

Friday Night Racing

Our Friday Night races begin just after Vernal Equinox and lasts until Autumnal Equinox.

We feature buoy racing using fixed marks. We include within this series a Pursuit Race Series near the full moon that is later in the evening and ends at Marina Jack, a very elegant Restaurant/Bar on Sarasota's pristine waterfront.

This racing is friendly and fun. Once a month it includes a welcome new members as crew night.

See the racing calendar and Racing Instructions for more details, or contact   for further information.

Sunday Series

The Sunday Series are held most Sundays in the year, except for the Sunday aFriday Night Seriesfter a Squadron Saturday race. The races are open to all boats with a PHRF handicap. If you do not have a current WFPHRF rating, a temporary rating will be assigned, or go to PHRF Update and get one assigned. A skippers meeting is held at noon with the race starting shortly after, at 1 PM per RRS 26 (see Racing Rules for more details). The honor system is used to record finish times.  The Sunday races are ideal for those who are just starting to race seriously, and a great place to improve your skills in a relaxed, but competitive atmosphere. You can’t ask for a better venue, or a friendlier group of sailors.

If you want to participate, but need some more information, email    and don’t forget to check out the Racing Calendar!