Welcome to the Squadron's home page for Racing. Click on the Calendar & Toolbox icon below to review the calendar or get to our set of racing tools. If you are new to Racing, please check out our New Skipper's Checklist, also on the Racing Toolbox page. Our signature event of the year is our Annual Labor Day Regatta. This regatta has been offered every year since the end of World War II. It's two days of family racing, more than 200 boats, and lots of fun. We also have our other Invitational Regattas, the Cherry Pie and the One Design Midwinters. For the multihull sailors we have the Cherry Pie Multihull and the Buzzelli Multihull. We have club level or Squadron Regattas where the entry fee is low and the racing is fun. There is one club regatta just about every month. You will find them all on our calendar. And we have PHRF Club Racing on most Sundays and Friday evenings, depending on the season. You can find these on the calendar, too!