Cherry Pie Multi HullHow to Crew

Don’t have a boat or just want to be a Crew Member in any of our Invitational, Squadron or One Design Fleet Regattas? Here’s what to do …..

First check the Regatta Page, the Racing Calendar and NOR (notice of race) for the type of race, the date and the starting times.  Contact the Committee Chair or the contact person for that even a few days ahead of time to make sure there is room and Crew Members are welcome. If you not sure who to speak to, contact Sailing  Some boats and weather conditions may require more advanced skills than others, so you will want to match your skill level with boat size and weather. If you have never been on a small boat in high wind, crewing in a competitive race in those conditions is not a good place to start!

Plan on arriving at the club ½ hour before the skipper’s meeting. Speak to the Committee Chair to finalize who you will be crewing with, and the timing and format of the race. Definitely attend the Skipper’s meeting with your Skipper.

What to bring… Bring your own USCG approved life jacket if you have a favorite, comfortable one. Depending on weather and type of boat, the skipper may want all crew to wear a PFD at all times. Small boat, high wind  -  wear a PFD and be ready to get wet! Larger boats, light wind, you must have a PFD (skipper probably has plenty on the boat), may not need to wear it, probably won’t get wet. Depending on weather, you may also want foul weather gear, or sunscreen, a bottle of water, etc... Wear boating shoes or something similar for good footing. Leather sailing gloves, a good idea if you have them

Day of the Race - Check the weather (see any of the weather links on the Weather & Useful Links page)! Races can be cancelled on short notice due to adverse weather conditions, or you may decide not to chance it. If you are not sure, contact the committee chair or call the Office.

You’ll find the Crew experience a lot of fun - learn some new skills, meet some people, and enjoy the social event afterwards!!