Navigating around the web site

An Information Menu runs horizontally along the top of every page, just below the header. These menu items can be used to access Squadron reference information which rarely changes.  Some of the menu items have sub-menus, several levels deep; hover over each item to see its sub-menu, and click it to view its backing page. A few menu items are only placeholders, and do not have a backing page. A Site Map can be accessed under the HELP Tab. It has a complete list of all site pages, so if you can’t find what you are looking for using the tabs, click on the site map, scroll down to the page you want, and click to get there!!

The News page consists of News Articles; information which changes regularly, and which might be time-sensitive.  The agenda for a board meeting, for example, might be published prior to a scheduled board meeting.  These News Articles appear as excerpts, most recent at the top.  Click on the excerpt headline to read the full article.  Scroll down to see earlier article excerpts.

News Articles can also be accessed by the Category (or sub-category) which they were filed under, and by Month of Publication.  Click on “Locate Articles by…” in the sidebar of the News Page to access News Articles by Category or Publication Date.

There is a Search box in the header which can be used to search the site’s open content.  It can be used just like a regular Google Search to find any open content on the Squadron’s web site.  However, because it uses Google’s search engine, it will not find any secure content  – because Google cannot “see” our secure content (the content which you must be logged in to see).  If you wish to search secure content, then naviagte via the Menu to “Secure Content Search”.

When a News Articles permits comments to be posted, then a comment can be created by anyone – as described here;  or existing comments can be read at the end of each article.

Edit Your Profile

Members can change items of personal information and preferences in their Profile. After making a change, be sure to click “Update Profile” at the page bottom.  Changes are reflected to the back office system where necessary, but not immediately. However, if you update your E-mail address or Password, then you will need to use those updated values when you next login. Preferences include the ability for personal contact details to be redacted from the On Line  Directory, and choice of Emailings received.

Posting Comments

Some of the articles on this web site are enabled for Comments.  Look for this
Comment on this Article or this Read or Add Comments in the article header.
Where comments are enabled, your comments are welcome and appreciated.  You do not need to be a registered user in order to add a comment, but you will be asked for your name, and a valid email address (the email address will not be visible in the published comment).  Your comments may be moderated (held for appropriate content review) – but, when published, will be visible to everyone.  If you have stored a photo at associated with the email address, that photo will appear with your comment.

Become a Squadron Author!

Share your sailing experience with others by writing a short (or long) article for this web site.  Articles with photos are particularly welcome.  All of the Fleets have a web page dedicated to their Fleet, with a sub-page containing news about the Fleet’s recent activities. Fleet Captains are encouraged to author content for these pages. Drop an email to the webmaster to discover how.

Members-only Sections and Articles

Some parts of the web site are only accessible to members who are logged in. Additionally, some article categories are restricted and if so, while the article excerpt might be visible, the full article will only be visible when the member is logged in.

Registration & Login

Squadron Members

All members of the Sarasota Sailing Squadron are pre-registered within a few days of joining, with the E-mail address which they submitted with their membership application or renewal (one E-mail address per membership).  This address serves as your Username for logging in to the Squadron web site.  If you have not already created a password, or have forgotten it, then click here and follow the instructions detailed in “Lost your password?” below.  If you already know your password, then click here, and login using your E-mail address as the Username.  You can change your E-mail address any time by Editing Your Profile.  Additionally, those members who use the same E-mail address at social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, etc can login by proceeding to the login dialog by clicking here, then clicking the icon representing their social network site, and using their social network site password to login to the Squadron web site.

After Login

After you have logged in, you will land on the Edit Profile page, where you can make changes to your Profile.

Return to the Home Page by clicking the Home Page symbol at top left of the page.

Lost your password? (or need to Create/Reset one)

  1. Click the Login button in the header, then click “Lost your password?” near the bottom of the Login page.  Or click here to go directly to the Lost Password dialog.
  2. Enter either your E-mail address when prompted, and click “Get New Password”.  An E-mail will be sent to you immediately.
  3. Click the link inside of the E-mail message as directed.  You will then be presented with a dialog which allows you to create a new password.  You can either use the password which is offered, or create your own. Make a note of your new password!!!
  4. Enter your new password (twice), then click “Reset Password”.  You will now see a dialog confirming that your password has been reset, with a link to the Login page.

Online Payments

for membership and other services can be made using credit/debit cards at Card Payments on the web site. You will need to login first,

Sharing Photos

You can post individual photos on the Squadron’s web site yourself by clicking here.  Photos should be related to sailing, and appropriate for all audiences.  You will be notified when your photo has been published.

If you have a public collection of photos in Google Photos then they can be “shadowed” on the Squadron’s Photo Albums web page.  Contact the webmaster for details.

Please note: photos are like antiques in that they are much more valuable if they have a provenance.  So place a caption on your photo.  You may know the person or the boat in the photo – but the rest of the world doesn’t have a clue!

Article Subscriptions and Feeds

Members can subscribe to mailing lists and/or articles posted on the web site and have them delivered via email, either individually or as a summary. To subscribe or unsubscribe, login as a Member, then navigate to the Subscribe via E-mail page under the Membership …..Member Resources tab. Check or uncheck the Category(s) of articles you would like to subscribe or unsubscribe,  then click on “Update Preferences” at the bottom of the page. All visitors – Members as well as non Members – can also subscribe via RSS feed and read the articles with applications like Google Reader, or subscribe and have articles emailed using FeedBurner.  Look for Subscription links on the News page. Contact the webmaster for further help.


The default format of the Squadron Calendar is a Monthly view, but this can be changed while viewing the calendar by clicking the control on the right side of the calendar page, just above the calendar itself. Also by default, all calendar entries are displayed, but the displayed entries can be limited by selecting an individual category from the control on the left, above the entries.

Calendar Feeds

The Squadron calendar is also shadowed to Google Calendar, and you can subscribe to it from any device (phone, pad, PC) with a calendar app which supports Google Calendar. You can also merge the Squadron calendar with your own personal calendar this way.

Here’s how to make it happen on your device:

  • The calendar app on your phone must support Google Calendar. The Google Calendar app itself is available for both iPhone and Android, but there are other choices on both platforms. The chances are that the calendar app you already have installed supports Google Calendar.
  • You must have a Google Account, which includes a Google Calendar. If your phone is Android, you will almost certainly already have one.  If you don’t already have a Google Account, get a free one here.
  • Login to your Google account and access your Google Calendar using this link.
  • Look for the “Other calendars” arrow (see screenshot) and expand it.
  • Click “Add a friend’s calendar” and paste this email address into the box:
  • If you’re using the Google Calendar app on your phone, then you’re done! Squadron events will now appear alongside your own personal events.
  • If you’re using a different app, then check the app’s options for enabling Google Calendar. You will likely need to enter your Google Account credentials.


How to Post an Article

Sign in as a member using your login. In order to post an article into “Squadron News” or any other category, you must be authorized to post to that category. If you are not authorized, contact to get authorization.

Once you login as a member, a black band will appear across the top of the page. Hold the mouse pointer on “New” in the black banner along the top of the page. It will open up to display “Post”. Click on “Post”.  See screen print below. Once the “post page’ is open, there are two ways to create a post:

Method I -You can type a new post into the text box, adding whatever information and web site links are needed (or copy and paste from any existing post or from any text document). You can use the boxes along the top of the text box, for bold, italics, etc., similar to a Docx document. You can use the “chain link” symbol to create imbedded Web Site Links by highlighting the text to become the link, click on the “link” symbol and type or paste the URL into the dialog box.

Make sure to scroll down the categories on the right hand side and select the category that the post is to appear under. As an example, to create a Weather Alert posting, select “Weather Alerts” as the category. This is very important, since if no category is selected, then the post will be considered “not categorized”. Since e-mail notifications are sent only to subscribers to the specific category selected, if e-mail notices of a posting are required (for Weather Alerts as an example), then the correct Category must be selected. If, for example, the post is to be in the “Squadron News” category, then “Squadron News” must be selected as the category, and all “Squadron News” subscribers will receive an e-mail of the post when it is published. Multiple categories can be selected.

Enter the Title in the Title box at the top.

When you wish to review your work, click the “Preview” box on the right hand side. This will show what the post and the e-mail note will look like in final form. To get back to the “edit page”, close the preview page and make any changes or corrections that may be needed.

When you are done, click either on “Draft” in the right hand side to save for further review at a later time, or “Publish” or “Submit for Review”.  Don’t click on “Publish” or “Submit for Review”, unless you are sure you are done, since this will create the final post and send e-mails of that text to all Club Members subscribed to that category, and cannot be reversed (Submit for Review submits the post for review by the web master before final publication). The e-mail post will come from, with a reply-to address of the author (the club member who sent it) along with the body of the alert you type.

Method II – Once the “post” page is open, instead of typing in a new post, click on “All Posts” in the left hand edit column. This will display all posts. You can scroll through the list to find any post you wish to use as a template and then modify as needed. You can select specific types of posts by using the Filter Box at the top of the page. For instance, select “Weather Alerts” in the Filter box, and click on “Apply”. This will bring up specifically only Weather Alert Posts (currently there is only the Test Alert).  Click on the Weather Alert “box” to select that post and click on “Duplicate”. This will put a duplicate of the test post on the screen, which you can then edit to whatever form is needed (delete the “test” heading, add dates or specifics etc.) as in Method 1.The same procedure can be used to copy any existing post. When complete, you can “preview” to see what the post will look like or save a draft for further review.

The Category is already set based on the post that was copied, but you should scroll down the Category list to check that this is the desired Category. When you are absolutely sure everything including the Category is correct, click on “Publish” or “Submit for Review” to post the notice and send e-mails (Submit for Review submits the post for Review by the Webmaster before final posting). If you are not sure, you can “save” or “preview” the results and make any changes needed at a later time.


View of the “post page” after you click on “new” in the header.