The purpose of the Weather Alert is to provide a means of communicating a potential weather related emergency situation at the Squadron to all members. The alert is triggered by an authorized person submitting a Weather Alert “post” on the Squadron Web Site, which automatically sends the same post via e-mail to all members who are subscribed to the Weather Alerts Posting Category. All members are automatically subscribed to this category, unless they specifically sign on to the web site and unsubscribe using the “Subscribe via E-mail” capability. The e-mail will therefore go to all active members of the squadron, unless they have specifically elected not to have these notices sent to them. The content and timing of the Posting will vary, depending on the weather situation.  A future capability is to provide this same Alert capability via Text message, for those members who agree to allow use of Text messages from the Club.

Weather Emergency Decision Process

A committee consisting of the Fleet Captain, Commodore and Club Manager determines whether an emergency notification to members is needed.  This will typically be 72 hours prior to expected landfall. An Alert Communication is created to notify Club members using the Alert process.  A sample is shown below, and is posted in the web site as a “Test Weather Alert”. An Alert will typically include instructions on how to prepare boats to best survive the expected weather, as well as the uncertainty of weather forecasts and the potential of further alerts as conditions change. All 3 officers mentioned above are authorized in the system for this type of posting (and instructions for posting can be found in the Help Tab of the Website).

Weather Alert - Example

As you are probably aware, a Weather Event is expected to make landfall in the Sarasota Bay area within 72 hours.  It is important that if you have any boats or property on or in the water in the vicinity of the Sarasota Sailing Squadron premises that you either remove them to a safe area or secure them for possible storm conditions. This includes removing any loose equipment – life jackets, sails, sailing gear, etc.  and firmly securing your boat and / or trailer or mooring to prevent wind or water damage. Remember that you are responsible for any weather related damage to your boat, and any damage your boat may do to other’s property. You can obtain further information about how to properly secure your boat, by navigating to the Hurricane Preparation tab on the Sarasota Sailing Website.

Although weather is always unpredictable, please do not wait until the last moment – if the weather becomes severe, it is likely that roads may be closed and there will be no access to the club.  Further weather alerts may be issued as circumstances dictate.

If there are any questions, please contact the office.

If you do not have any boats or property on the Squadron premises and do not wish to receive future Weather Alerts, you may unsubscribe by going to the website, signing in as a member, navigating to MEMBERSHIP, then MEMBER RESOURCES, then SUBSCRIBE VIA E-MAIL and Deselecting the “Squadron New - Weather Alert” category.