(Mar Vista and Moore’s Restaurant)  See 6.12 on the Chart

Approach depth:  9 feet
Depth in anchorage:  9’ to 14’
Coordinates:  27° 26' 3"N, 83° 40' 8"W


The approach from the south on the intercoastal takes you to red can 39 and green marker 40. When you are approximately 75 yards south of marker 40 turn to port and round the south end of Jewfish Key. Stay approximately 15’ to 20’  off of the south side of the island in deep water. There is a shoal that moves slightly and is located to the south of the channel you will be taking. Access from the north can be had from the intercoastal using the same information above. Access from the Gulf through Longboat Pass can be made by going through the bridge and proceeding to the Intercoastal and going south, as described above. There is a channel that runs along the east side of the bridge but this should be done during times when the depth is visible by the color of the water. The current runs fast through the pass and it can be rough when the wind is against the tide and caution should be taken as the channel runs close to the bridge. The anchorage is 11.6 statute miles north of Sarasota and 11.8 statute miles south of Desoto Point. The anchorage has a strong tidal flow and care should be taken to properly anchor. The tide will ordinarily dictate the orientation of your boat.


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