Welcome to the Squadron's Racing Toolbox. Here you can find all the information you need to join in our racing programs and have some fun! If you are new to Racing, be sure to read through the New Skipper's Checklist, below. It has many useful tips to ensure you enjoy the day...safely. If you are experienced, the individual tools provide useful references for almost any question that may arise and will make you a more successful and safer Racer.

Racing Checklist

You've lined up your crew of rock stars, polished the hull, checked the rigging, and stocked the cooler. Is there anything else you might have forgotten? The list below is designed to get our racers out on the bay with a minimum of fuss. If you have questions or ideas for improving this list, please feel free to contact the Race Captain at race_captain@SarasotaSailingSquadron.org.


Even if the club decides to hold an event, the decision to race is ultimately the responsibility of the skipper. Crew partied like rock stars last night? Winds gustier than you've sailed in recently? Haven't had the time to replace that frayed line? Then maybe it's wise to take the day off. Here's where to check on required safety equipment:

Life Jackets

Must have a suitably sized life jacket for each person on board. (See additional requirements above.)


Race Committee will often broadcast info to competitors. Could be useful in the event of an emergency.

Race Courses

For most of our monthly races, the race committee on "Big Ben" will post the course on the side of the boat. A typical course might be, "NP19 -> C -> F -> B(s) -> L(s) -> 13." A chart of the bay is a great place to get a birds-eye-view of the course. NP19 (the start) is a government mark, as is the finish at 13. If you look at the Race Course Navigation spreadsheet, you will find the heading from NP19 to C is 307 degrees for 1.38 miles. Continue to look up headings for the entire course. Or, you can program these into a GPS using the coordinates listed on the spreadsheet, or this GPX file.


Good sportsmanship is the foundation of a successful racing program. Our races are sailed under the Racing Rules of Sailing. Should you break a rule, please take your penalty. This is only fair! Along with the rules, you might want to carry a protest flag.


PHRF boats need to have a rating from West Florida PHRF. One-design boats need to comply with their class rules.