July 4th
1300 Registration and Check-In
1400 Skippers Meeting
1525 First Warning
Entry Fee

Race Format: The Firecracker 400 is open to all Squadron PHRF boats and One-Design Fleets. This will be a pursuit style race with the slower boats starting first. Start times and race course will be handed out at the skipper's meeting. You must have a valid WFPHRF certificate to race in the PHRF Fleet. If you don't have a certificate, you may race in the "fun" fleet or get your certificate updated (see link below). One-Design fleets (minimum of 2) will be assigned a start time and will be scored against their fleet. In theory, if all boats sail a perfect race, they will all converge at the finish line at the same time! This is truly a fun race that is always full of surprises! Can you fend off the faster boat behind you? Will you catch the slower boat in front of you? Come enjoy the fun! And don’t forget to stay to see the fireworks in downtown Sarasota after dark!!

Social: Don't forget the social activities as well ... more information on this in the calendar (see link below).

Questions: or need further information? First Brush up on Racing Basics on the Racing Tools page. If further questions, then email Sailing for more information, or see any of the links below.