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2010 Labor Day Regatta — 9 Comments

  1. A couple of days ago I registered my 3 kids in Laser Radial. They are Franklin, Josie, and Amy Trainer. When I tried to pay the 1st one, I could not get it to go thru so I just registered with the idea that I will pay when I get there. I don’t see them on the list of registered participants, but when I tried again to sign them up, it said that there was already someone with that sail number registered. Could you check to see if they are in fact rergistered? Also, if I need to pay for them now, thats fine, just let me know how to proceed.
    Thanks, Vicky

  2. We are coming over with 3sailors and no coach. Do you have spectator boats going out or a coach that could keep their eyes on them for safety purposes?

  3. I do not as yet belong to the Squadron. I’m thinking of buying a Main Cat 30 and joining the Sailing Squadron. Question, Do catamarans such as the MC 30 race in your club?