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2010 Labor Day Regatta Results — 11 Comments

  1. In PHRF, the spinnaker boats all sailed the same course for the 2nd race (1st on Sunday). Never the less, the posted scoring sheet show that the Heavy Spin boats sailed 0.5 miles further that the Light Spins. Since SBYA has only one spinnaker class these two classes must be combined. Because of this error I have not posted BOTY year standings for the Spinnaker Class. See http://home.comcast.net/~venicesailor/sbyastandings/sbyastandings.html

    John Lynch, SBYA Scorer

  2. Does anyone have the orignal score sheets from the RC boat from the PHRF spinnaker fleet? We believe race 2 was scored in error. Claire finished within 2 minutes of Cats Meow but the results have us over 5 minutes behind at the finish? We were also scored with the wrong rating for the whole regatta in spite of the fact that I reported this fact to race organizers numerous time. Our rating is 111, not 105.

  3. Someone needs to adjust Mr. Deardon’s PHRF 30 seconds lower since EVERY IMPULSE 26 IN THE COUNTRY is rated at least 30 less. Nice guy, but c’mon WFPHRF, what gives?

  4. Are these the final results? It does not appear all the scores are reflected in the scoring. Green Fleet finished 7 races but only 3 are posted? Thanks! Maybe from Saturday?