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Do you like this new web site? — 26 Comments

  1. FYI… the cover pix on the April Burgee was shot by Beth Rigby aboard the “Blew Bayou” during the first “Jack Attack” race. Other pix from that evening have been forwarded and may be online now……

  2. Mike,,,, I just reviewed the SSS Burgee On-Line and again find that the calendar that is printed there has been extracted from the club website. I would like the “printed” format that is mailed or even posted on the website to have much more creativity. Simple graphics are nice along with starting times for the various activities. I understand that the Google calendar format is limited to the number of characters you can print on the screen. To improve this it may require a modest purchase of a calendar program. I am willing to contribute a few $$$ to this effort if needed. Is there any way to reduce the font size and this would allow for more info???? Thanks again for all you do to promote SSS…. Bob

  3. Jason,
    Can you provide a list of specific changes you would like to see? Or alternatively, take a look amongst the 1,000 wordpress themes available at, and let me know what theme(s) you think would look better.

    Describing the layout as “dated” doesn’t help me. You know what you mean by that – but I don’t. It’s just too subjective.

  4. This layout is very dated. Almost looks like an angelfire site. We can tweak this a bit to make it have more interactive functionality and easier navigation. Mike, give me a call to discuss next week if you have time.


  5. Rich,
    Thanks for your comments. I’ll try to respond to them individually:

    1. grainy background: you mean the grunge background? It can be anything we want. Do you have any suggestions?
    2. list of links is tacky: not sure what tacky is in this context. Can you point me to a list of links which is not tacky?
    3. fonts don’t match: the articles are being authored by several different people, and the article editor empowers them to choose their own style – including styles pasted from (say) MS Word. Who am I to dictate what style our authors should use?
    4. no burgee: Burgee Online is under the Membership tab. Or you can use the Search box to find them.
    5. no weather: there are links to several weather sources. I haven’t put a weather widget on the front page because I think they offer too little detail for too much real estate. You obviously disagree. Neither of us is wrong. I can run a campaign like we did for Calendars starting on Sunday versus Monday, and we’ll go with the most votes. How would that be?
    6. no aerial image: I would love one too. Please send it. For the header, it needs to scale to 960px by 190px.
    7. no racing rules: you mean, apart from the NORs, the standard rules like at It’s a large PDF, but I can add a link to it. Good idea.
    8. no cruiser blog: the web site reflects the Squadron – which has 2 directors responsible racing, and zero for cruising. That’s not a criticism, but a fact of life. If the cruisers were more active, then democracy would have yielded them a director. Having said all that, the entire site IS a blog (it’s based on WordPress). Anyone can make comments, on any article. Under the Help tab, we invite people to become article authors – which could then become the seed of a cruiser blog thread.
    9. vague links with no names: not sure what is meant by this. Please clarify.

    Your comments are always welcome, and I will try to respond to them constructively.

    What is not welcome are your unverified factual claims like “…a volunteer learning how to do web design”. I take personal offense to this, as I’ve been in this business since you were in diapers.
    You may post your apology here.

  6. Time to stop trying and use the sucessful format of a huge club. Why are we reinventing the wheel? The grainy background is immature, the list of links is tacky. The fonts don’t match, no burgee, weather, aerial image, racing rules(we do race), cruiser blog. Links!? why have a vague links when there should be names to them. We paid thousands for Stu Gilfillen to design the last site all because our wonderful free web guy Charlie was not good enough. We want what we paid for, not a volunteer learning how to do web design. No disrepect to the designer but seriously, why are we penny wise and dollar foolish with the highest exposure part of our club.

  7. I really like the new web site. I would like to see the Burgee go virtural for those that want it, therefore, saving the squadron money

    Even most of the ball busters like myself have web access.

  8. Mike…. The BIG Calender and current 10 day calendar of current events have been moved to under Membership… Not sure why… I also am a fan of starting the week with Sunday being the first day of the week…

  9. Very disappointing that two major Sunfish events occurred at your club and there is no news about either one available on your web page nor sent to anyone in our Class nor posted on the Sunfish Class message board. Hundreds to thousands of people want to know what happened!! A few words about the conditions would be nice, too.

  10. I like the site, but do not see a way to contact SSS, so I am sending a comment in hopes it may appear at the club.

    We are hosting the Sarasota Bay Cup Race on May 7-8, 2010. It is listed as a WFPHRF and a SBYA Boat of the Year Race. Can you put it on your racing calendar and notify interested members? I will provide a poster and hope it can be placed on your club bulletin board.

    The NOR is on our website at

  11. As is said: “Beauty is in the eye. . .” As for me, I like the new site and find the functionality and visual appeal improved. For most of us same is safe and change is difficult.
    Thanks from this sailor.

  12. I can not find any information on the summer program for children. The other web site was easier to navigate and had categories.

  13. Sorry but this new website is terrible. It looks bad and I can’t find any information on it. Example: wheres the info on 2010 Sailfest?!

    -Andrew Sumpton

  14. The Upcoming Events section is currently limited to events within the next 7 days; to limit the amount of space it consumes. The One Design Midwinters will therefore appear in that list 7 days before the event starts.
    However, when the name of an event is known, all related articles can be found by using the Search dialog in the top right corner of each page.
    Also, check out the Big Calendar under the Membership tab.

  15. I think the site lacks a main page where you can find a major story/event and take one click to get to the details.

    For example, you know there is a One Design Midwinters but dont know the dates. You get to the Home page and are looking for some details. If you are lucky you find the calendar, mouse over the days left in the month and find nothing and go to the next month – March and mouse-over 20 dates until you find the event and then click again for the NOR.

    Perhaps someone missed adding the news item for this particular case.

  16. I think this site is well designed and very much on-trend with blogging, social networking, etc. rather than being a ‘one way’ or ‘push’ information out, you are offering a place to have members contribute – my post and the others reply to your request for comments on the website is demonstrative of this ‘two-way’ exchange feature. Keep up the good work. Yes, post pictures too, that is always good – but keep focusing on news, new events, keep it current, and keep a place for members to post. Thank you!

  17. Not a big fan. I agree with the first poster that you’re missing photos but I also feel that the last website had more of a professional feel whereas this one looks like it was done on someones personal computer.

    Lots of information but a little too crowded.

  18. Mike… The story on the Windjammer looks great.. Thanks for taking time to put it on the web.. Hope you make the Cherry Pie Revised race.. Bob.

  19. Just wanted to drop you a note regarding your website since you asked for it.

    The website is very informative. However, if the purpose of the site is to attract membership, I believe there is something missing that may help to inspire people and make the site more pleasing to the eye – PICTURES…. If there are pictures (which I could not find), I missed them. Never-the-less, there should be some on the home page to attract people to the site. Pictures of racing action, boats, members enjoying each other at events etc.

    Thank you for your time in this matter