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Board Agenda, Tue 13 Aug, 7pm — 1 Comment

  1. We discussed at the last BOD meeting the idea that some material on the SSS website should be public and some should be for members only, requiring a login. The excerpt from the minutes is below and is the motion that passed at last meeting. It however does not address the minutes of the BOD meetings and whether the minutes should be open to the public or they should be a benefit of membership and require a login.

    I am considering the following proposal for the upcoming BOD meeting.
    “The minutes of the BOD meetings should be a privelege of membership and accessible by login on the website.”

    Here is the motion from the last BOD meeting.
    [Motion by Barry Millbourn and 2nd by Michelle Lee To add a “Members” section tab to the other tabs at the top of the webpage, which would prompt a log-in and then be the area where articles that are intended for the members could be posted and would have open and unrestricted comment. Articles that are not specifically for members would continue to be viewable on the home page by all site visitors and would not have a comments button. The writer of the article would choose if the content is intended for the membership only or for the general public.]